adjective re·spon·sive \\ri-\'spän(t)-siv\\
: reacting in a desired or positive way
: quick to react or respond

We are an independent, customer focused IT solutions provider.


We exist because our customers need an IT solution provider who can not only help with day to day issues, but also help them plan for the future.


In the short term we find cost and efficiency benefits for our clients. In the longer term we become an integral part of their business, collaborating with them to develop solutions to enable business strategy

Darren is a nerd through and through. He runs an I.T. business during the day and on a night spends his free time tinkering with his PC setup, learning programming languages and gaming, much to the annoyance of his wife Michelle.

Jim has worked in and around IT for longer than some of our other members of staff have been alive. He loves to tinker with electronics and audio gear, primarily using the Raspberry Pi within home projects and has brought some of them into play within industry.

Patrik is a Nintendo expert, having every console since being a child he is always on the ball with new hardware. Our Mobile Phone expert, Pat can help with your phone issues.

Dungeon Master David is our first line technician and will be the voice you hear when you call Techmonkeys. a backup expert, he will be looking after your most important issues day to day. When he's not playing Helpdesk he'll be playing D&D with his pals.

Connor is our latest learning monkey. He will be the main voice you hear when calling up the helpdesk to log your issues..

What our customers say

I was having real problems configuring a switch on our network in order to get a new call recording system working. I spent weeks practically pulling my hair out and eventually decided it was time to look for an outside professional.I spoke to one of the guys from Techmonkeys and was truly astounded. Within half an hour, what I had been trying to do for weeks was up and running. Can't recommend highly enough.


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