TechMonkeys hosted desktops offer you guaranteed, secure access to your data, applications, settings and files; wherever you are on whatever device you are using.


Imagine working in the office, 1000 words in to a document you have yet to click save on, then the power goes out. So take your laptop or iPad to the nearest WiFi hotspot, connect back to your hosted desktop and find your document exactly as you left it.


Imagine never having to upgrade your PC with the latest versions of Windows or Office ever again.


Imagine your business data systems being 100% disaster proof. These are just some of the benefits of a TechMonkeys hosted desktop.


By moving your computing power to the cloud, you remove your reliance on local hardware and software, meaning that the power of your local machine is no longer important. It means you can log on from almost any device and see the exact same desktop, files and settings as you have on your office PC.


By removing your reliance on local hardware it means you can take a huge leap towards making your computer system 100% disaster proof.


All TechMonkeys hosted desktops come with the latest version of Windows, Office and Microsoft Exchange. They are fully virus protected, ISO 27001 & PCI DSS compliant.


So don’t waste any more money or time on your local hardware, give us a call today and let us lift your business in to the cloud: 01924 679 860.

What our customers say

We have appreciated the prompt and friendly service from Techmonkeys. The process of deciding which system to use was facilitated by appropriate and friendly advice, the installation went smoothly and the follow up has been timely and resolved any minor issues we had.

Steve Wiseman - Steve Wiseman Associates |