You probably already have a server, maybe even 3 or 4 servers. But are you using them to their fullest? If you are not already virtualising your servers then the answer is probably no.

By changing your servers over to virtual boxes you can ensure your hardware is being fully utilised and stop paying for more physical boxes.


Benefits of Virtualisation:


Reduce capital and operating costs. Server consolidation lets you get more out of your existing hardware by running multiple virtual machines (VM) on a single physical server. Fewer servers means lower capital and operating costs. To maximise cost savings, we ensure you have a virtualisation solution that has the highest VM density per host.


Deliver high application availability. Integrated availability and fault tolerance protects all your virtualised applications. Should a node or server ever fail, all its VMs are automatically restarted or continued on another machine, with no downtime or data loss.


Improve business continuity. Virtualisation makes it easier to survive unplanned potential IT and business disasters. You can move VMs from one server to another in a different location.


Increase IT productivity. Streamlined and automated management tasks mean you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time on innovation.


Improve responsiveness. Virtualisation lets your business scale rapidly because you can deploy desktops, applications and servers quickly and flexibly.


Why you should choose TechMonkeys as your virtualisation provider.


We have many years of experiencing in virtualising everything from 100’s of servers to 1000’s of desktops. We have worked with clients big and small to help them reduce their carbon footprint and simplify their I.T. infrastructure. Call us today to start your journey in to virtualisation: 01924 679 860

What our customers say

We have just renewed our contract with Techmonkeys, without hesitation. Being a charitable organisation, cost and efficiency are of paramount importance. Techmonkeys consistently deliver an exceptional service at a great cost. 

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