Office 365

Sometimes IT solutions for small businesses can seem like high upfront costs and more and more businesses are turning to 'Cloud Based' solutions as an alternative to traditional client / server setups.

Tailored I.T Support

Think of it as extra hours in yours & your staff's working day. Think of it as no more time spent on hold to support companies, who all point the finger at each other when a problem arises. The software people blame the hardware, the hardware people blame the networking... ad infinitum.

Off-site Backup

When you know your data is securely off-site, you can stop worrying about switching that tape. It is often easy to forget that your companies data is your business, it also easy to forget to change that tape or check the backup actually ran properly last night. That is why more and more companies are making the change to secure off-site data and system backups.


You probably already have a server, maybe even 3 or 4 servers. But are you using them to their fullest? If you are not already virtualising your servers then the answer is probably no.

Solutions Design

Who do you rely on to give you the advice and guidance you need to ensure the systems and solutions you're putting in for your business are the right ones, not just for today, but for you tomorrow too?

Efficiency Solutions

How many of your staff are doing what they do, simply because it's how they've always done it? There could be a better way... Sometimes its not the hardware and software that need improvements. Sometimes it is our use of the existing technology that needs looking at.

Hosted Desktop

Imagine working in the office, 1000 words in to a document you have yet to click save on, then the power goes out. So take your laptop or iPad to the nearest WiFi hotspot, connect back to your hosted desktop and find your document exactly as you left it. |